The Original Partners, 1977.

                                The Original Partners, 1977.

About Us

The Practice was founded in 1950 by Patrick Campbell and until 1977 Patrick practiced as a sole practitioner, when a Partnership was founded with Brian Conroy and Arthur Hickey. The present practice operates as a Company with Arthur Hickey as Managing Director.

Over the 60 plus years CCH generally operated within Ireland and the UK and successfully completed many projects in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, educational and residential sectors, as well as many masterplanning and interior design projects for both public and private Clients.

In 2007, the practice expanded into the Middle East and set up an office in the UAE. From there work was undertaken in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In 1998 Arthur Hickey qualified as a Conciliator and in 2003 as an Arbitrator.

The practice has considerable expertise in design of buildings and spaces, project
management, interior design, masterplanning and dispute resolution. We process a strong
design philosophy producing creative and aesthetically pleasing yet practical
design solution, on time and on budget.

Kieran Hodge

        Kieran Hodge

Lynda Hickey

        Lynda Hickey Present Directors 


        Arthur Hickey

We consider it essential to work closely with our Clients to get the optimum solution.

We provide :

    • Management /Cost/Time/Quality Control.
    • Design Excellence/Award Winning Projects.
    • Fully trained experienced Professional Staff.
    • International experience with local delivery.

We have offices in Dublin, London, Abu Dhabi & Brisbane.

The practice has received may awards over the years for it’s innovative design and prides
itself on the large number of Clients with whom we have worked for many years..