10 Henrietta Street

As with 8/9, Henrietta Street Nr 10 forms part of what is considered one of the finest Georgian streets in Ireland and is a Protected Structures listed by Dublin City Council. The building was used by the Daughters of Charity as city centre accommodation for sisters who worked in the area.

As they had undertaken the work in Nrs 8 & 9, they felt they needed to upgrade the accommodation and to make repairs to the fabric.

The accommodation was within the original structure and a single storey extension constructed some 80 years previously. The original building had some of the finest decorated rooms for this period.

CCH having examined the building considered that the single storey building should be designed as en-suite accommodation for the elderly/dis-abled sisters and keep the remainder as the living/day time accommodation.

The completed work was lauded by the Georgian Society, received several rewards and served to stimulate other owners to look at doing likewise on the street.

Client: Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul