Blackrock Hospital

In 1981 the promoters of this new healthcare facility requested a design of a 33-unit Consultants Clinic on a green field site near Blackrock, Co. Dublin, leaving room for a 110-bed private hospital as a second phase development. There was no model for such a venture in Ireland at that time, so extensive research was carried out in the US and Europe

A concept was developed using an atrium as an ordering devise, around which the 33 consulting suites were planned. Provision was made on the ground floor for reception, waiting. physiotherapy, radiology and staff accommodation. which were fitted out as the building was completed.

As the Clinic was being completed, work commenced on the 110-bed private hospital to the rear of the site but connected at the lower level to the Clinic. The Hospital operators BUPA Healthcare, actively engaged in the briefing and design. The facility contained five operating theatres, two as state of the art’ Cardiac theatres and two as Orthopaedic.

The facility also contained a laboratory, catering, storage, administration as well as its own reception and welcoming area. While this was under construction the area between the two buildings was reviewed and a complete Imaging Department was planned and constructed, completed with CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine and Cardiac Care.

The Clinic received many awards including the Plan Building of the Year.

Client: The Blackrock Clinic