Design of Buildings and Spaces

CCH processes a strong design philosophy producing creative and aesthetically pleasing yet practical design solution, on time and on budget.

CCH Architects are dedicated to design excellence. Each client, each project and each site is unique, so we shape our designs to their specific set of circumstances and context.

We consider it essential to work closely with our Clients to get the optimum solution. CCH has successfully completed many projects in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, educational and residential sectors for both public and private Clients.

We have experience in new build, alterations and additions, refurbishment and on conservation projects.
The practice has received many awards over the years for it’s innovative design and prides itself on the large number of Clients with whom we have worked for many years.

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Master planning

Master planning sets the context for buildings and spaces and can allow proper planning and development of a site or area.

Cch developed the masterplan for various different types of projects, such as:

  • Satellite town on the outskirts of dublin for 1300 homes plus commercial, retail and industrial.
  • Residential, hospitality in and around a golf course in doonbeg, clare, mount juliet, kilkenny and brittas, wicklow.
  • Mixed use developments in cavan town and the docklands in belfast.

There are many different aspects that require to be examined, studied and understood, such as, the environment and the impact of any development, the existing and surrounding uses, the needs of the area, transportation and impact of any new roads, existing utilities, types, heights of
existing surrounding buildings and many more.



Interior Design

CCH has successfully completed interiors on many projects in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, educational and residential sectors for both public and private clients. Generally, the practice prefers to work from start to finish on a project but can work on existing buildings or on buildings designed by others.

We have experience in both new build, alterations and additions, refurbishment and conservation projects.

We love light, vigour and attitude in our designs. Whether traditional, modern or classic, we prefer to work closely with our clients, who will be working or living in the spaces designed, to achieve the ultimate result.

If not involved in the original design we prefer to be appointed at an early date and to work closely with the remainder of the design team to have an input on critical issue affecting mep and the like. In all situations all members of the design team have a part to play in the design of the
building including the interiors.

Project Management

Designing and constructing a building on time and on budget is an essential element in a successful building project.

As Architects we assume the role of leaders of the design team and work closely with other members of the team to achieve a design and information flow that ensures that the design and construction of the project runs smoothly. We set targets and goals that all members of the team have to achieve and have reviews of progress at key points.

Also we monitor the flow of information in order to ensure that another member of the team or the contractor is not being delayed.

We also work very closely with the Client to ensure that the Client is fully up to date on progress and also set targets for the flow of information or approvals, again ensuring there is no delay.

If requested to work as a PM only on a project, we are happy to do so also.